Design Thinking for Creating Value and Solving Problem in Your Organisation

  • May 15, 2018
  • By Sadashiva Consulting Services

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As we know design has a powerful quality that renders desirability and appeals to both the products and services. It is no longer limited to creating objects. Companies, now, aspire to ‘think’ like designers and make use of the design principles to excel at the workplace. Design thinking stands fundamentally to successful strategy development and organizational change. In fact, the firms those are eager on design-thinking shine in their endeavors of consistently redesigning their business. They leave no stone unturned in unleashing the best of innovation and efficiency; the dynamic duo that fires up conversion in the market.

Be it leading, managing, creating and innovating; everything can be designed. The robust design way of thinking is relevant to systems, procedures, user experiences and protocols. After all, the main aim of the design is to enhance the quality of life for people and planet. The approach arms the designers to sort out complicated issues and emerge with appropriate solutions for clients. Remember a design framework is not problem-oriented rather solution- oriented and directs action to lay a preferred future.

Design thinking drills on imagination, intuition, logic and systematic reasoning to churn out chances of what could be and also deliver results that satisfy the end user. It feeds on designer’s sensibility and methods to fulfill people’s needs with what is technologically viable and even brings to light business strategies that target customer value and market opportunity.

Design Thinking Creates Value While Solving Real Problems. Design Thinking isn't just creativity and innovation for its own sake; it's specifically directed at creating value and solving problems. Design Thinking is challenging and changing the way we solve problems and deliver more value to the user.

We at Sadashiva Consulting Services partner in developing an " Entrepreneurial Design Thinking Culture " as a capability within the organisation. We have conducted multiple workshops and follow up engagements with clients in the Infrastructure, Engineering, IT and Consulting Industry. Generally, these initiatives are driven through a top down approach and eventually it results in the creation of a Centre of Excellence within the organisation to percolate the culture.

We would be glad to offer our services to inculcate the Design thinking culture in your organisation. We suggest a preliminary call over the phone or a Video meeting over the skype to explore possibilities.

Look forward to an opportunity to enagage with your esteemed organisation,

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